Tea Tree Essential Oil - Three simple uses.

I have always enjoyed the scent of tea tree essential oil. It can be described as antiseptic and fresh with a hint of mint with an overall medicinal aroma.

Tea Tree essential oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree found in Australia. The aboriginal people in Australia have used tea tree for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

Here are 3 simple uses of tea tree oil.

1. Works well as a spray cleaner for around the house. Use a dropper bottle to measure out 5 to 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil mixed with about one half cup of water.

2. It can help to repel insects. It repels insects just as well as most bug sprays without the toxic deet ingredient. Remember to prepare this long before you're swatting horseflies and mosquitoes in the great outdoors.  

3. It can help to get rid of athlete's foot. Using a Tea Tree soap regularly on the affected area may help to reduce the symptoms of athlete's foot.