Oatmeal Soap Recipe

With this Oatmeal Soap Recipe you will render a soap bar that has a nice exfoliating quality. 

It will help to condition your skin by gently rubbing off a layer of dead skin cells.  The oats will work as a mild abrasive.

Use whole oats for this recipe.  Grind your whole oats to a fine powder before adding at "trace".  When cured this soap will have a nice mild aroma. 

Oatmeal Soap Recipe:

To make this soap we have combined 4 oils & fats for their beneficial soap properties. Included here are the Oil percentage amounts and weight in ounces.


     1. Lard - - - - - - 47%…………...9.4 oz.

     2. Canola Oil - - 23%…………...4.6 oz.

     3. Olive Oil - - - 20%…………...4.0 oz.

     4. Coconut Oil - 10%…...………2.0 oz.

   Combined 4 Oil Total = 100% = 20.0 oz.

b. LYE Amount = 2.77 oz.

c. H20 Amount = 6.46 oz.

d. ADDITIVES:  Whole Oats (.095% of total oil amount). Added Amount = 1.9 oz. Add the ground oats at "trace" and mix well.

Oatmeal Soap Recipe by the numbers

This Oatmeal Soap recipe uses 4 oils and fats. They are: Lard, Canola Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Using this combination of oils and fats we come up with our 7 soap attributes for this Oatmeal Soap recipe.

1. Hardness of ( 32 )

2. Cleansing Capabilities at ( 7 )                                                                          

3. Conditioning Qualities are at ( 63 )

4. Bubbly number is ( 7 )

5. Creamy number is ( 25 )

6. Iodine is at ( 70 )

7. The INS number is at ( 125 )

So what do all these numbers mean? Well, with these numbers we can compare our soap recipe numbers with the 7 optimal range numbers from the Soap-Calc. So here’s how our soap recipe fits into each of the ranges.

Range Numbers: Oatmeal Soap Recipe

1 Hardness.  Best range is between (29 – 54). The higher the number the harder the soap bar will be. Our number was ( 32 ) which is on the soft end on the hardness scale. Not a hard bar, but the number is within the acceptable range, it will be a softening and soothing soap bar.

2. Cleansing. Best range is between (12 – 22). The lower the number the more mild the soap. We have the number ( 7 )  This is off the chart for mildness! A very mild soap bar! 

3. Conditioning. Best range is between (44 – 69). The higher the number the more soothing and softening to your skin. Our number is ( 63 ) which is on the high end of the acceptable range. This will be a soothing and skin softening soap bar.

4. Bubbly. Best range is between (14 – 46). Higher numbers in this category equate to more bubbly lather. So our Bubbly number is ( 7 )  This is on the lower end of the lather scale. Not as much bubbly lather in this soap bar.

5. Creamy. The best range is between (16 – 48). The higher the number the more lather you will have. The number we have for Creamy is ( 25 ) This is going to be a good lathering soap with less bubbly.

6. Iodine. The range here is anything (under 70). If your number is under 70 the soap will not go rancid. Our number is ( 70 )  It is right on the line so it should be fine and not go rancid.

7. INS. The best range here is between (136 – 165). The lower the number the more moisturizing the soap will be to your skin. We have come up with ( 125 ) This is off the chart! This will be a very nice moisturizing soap bar to use.