Easy two color soap bars

Have you ever wanted to create a soap with two color stripes such as this bar of soap in the picture? The top color stripe is brown the middle stripe is yellow and the bottom stripe is the original color of the soap bar. To create this kind of soap is not that difficult, in fact it's really quite easy!

If you already know how to make soap, this whole process will be the same with just 3 additional steps included. First, you will need a soap box that is designed to make the finished soap bars stand vertically. Secondly, during the final mixing stage when you're near what is called "trace" you'll separate the mixture into 3 measuring cups of equal 10 ounce amounts. You will mix two colors only, yellow and brown. Third, you will pour the colors according to the layering pattern.

For simplicity, lets say that your total batch amount is 30 ounces. You will divide 30 by 3 and come up with 10 ounces. Each measuring cup will contain 10 ounces of the mixture. To make the bottom layer white, You'll pour the 10 oz. plain white mixture first. Then, you'll take the second measuring cup with 10 oz. of mixed yellow color and pour that gently over the white layer.

Finally, you'll take the last measuring cup with 10 oz. of mixed brown color and pour it out as the top layer.  The challenge here is to fully mix the separated colors before they seize up! Technically this soap bar has three colors but only two of the colors had to be mixed.