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Recycle Bacon Grease Into Soap Bars

grease jar

Do you save your bacon grease in jars or cans? Don't throw them out! You can recycle bacon grease into soap bars. Just a few steps to process the grease before use.

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How To Enhance Your Soaps

oatmeal pumice stack

Do you know how to enhance your soaps? Start by looking at the quality attributes. If you know how to modify the attributes you're on your way to customized soaps.

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Is Your Olive Oil Genuine

olive oil

Is your olive oil genuine or not? Find out by reading the packaging label for certain clues and certifications and do a simple home test on your olive oil.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Soap


It seems impossible to make an apple cider vinegar soap, right? Knowing that apple cider vinegar is so acidic. The truth? Yes, it's possible to make an ACV soap.

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Surprising Soap Results With Turmeric


Turmeric had surprisingly changed from a rusty orange color to a dark purple color due to the reactions during the saponification process in soap making.

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Goat Milk Soap Caveat


Goat Milk Soap is very beneficial to the skin and excels in moisturizing capabilities however there is one caveat to understand when making goat milk soap.

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Easy Two Color Soap Bars


Have you ever wanted to create a soap bar with two color stripes? If yes, then you'll find it's not that difficult and in fact it's really quite easy to make!

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Create A Soap With Abundant Lather


There are two oils which are readily available and commonly used for soap recipes. These two oils will produce soaps with significantly more abundant lather.

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Does Your Soap Have Grit?


Does your soap have grit, true grit? There is one key material that can be added to your soap to get your hands clean much faster. Do you know what it might be?

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A Mild Exfoliating Oat Soap


Create a soap that has mild exfoliating properties using one popular breakfast item, oatmeal! Grind the oats to a fine powder and the exfoliation is very mild.

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Tea Tree Oil 3 Simple Uses


Tea tree essential oil has a uniquely medicinal quality and scent like none other. Never smelled Tea tree? Be inspired! Here are three simple uses for tea tree.

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The Many Uses Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus blends well with many essential oils, but did you know it can be mixed by it's note! Eucalyptus has many household uses and is beneficial to the body.

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