One caveat in making goat milk soaps.

Goat milk soap is very moisturizing and soothing to sensitive, dry or damaged skin. It benefits the skin by helping to exfoliate and remove a layer of dead skin cells.

If you want to make a goat milk soap there is one caveat to understand when using goat milk in the place of the water (H2O).

But first I would recommend using raw unprocessed goat milk from a goat on a farm. If this is not available to you, the next best choice is to purchase a quart of goat milk from your local organic food market.

Now the caveat mentioned is Do not scald your goat milk when mixing it with the lye. How is this done? Simply freeze the goat milk in as many ice cube trays as necessary for the recipe amount.  Next, take your frozen goat milk ice cubes and place them into your glass measuring cup. 

With safety glasses on, lightly sprinkle your lye over the ice cubes and gently stir until all the cubes are melted. This is how to keep the goat milk temperature well below scalding point. If the goat milk scalds it will have to be discarded and replaced with fresh goat milk.