Mike here with the SoapBarHero.com website.  I'd like to share a little background story about myself and this website with you.  For years I bought my soaps at the grocery store chains.  I was never satisfied with those soaps because the results of using those soaps were the same - usually dry itchy skin.

I didn't do anything about this until I had the opportunity to live in a remote cabin in the mountains.  This is where I learned how to make soap.  I taught myself through trial and error making dozens of soap batches.  After a while I was giving soaps to friends and family,  then I went on to sell at the farmers markets on the weekends in small towns.  Later I came up with a soap making workshop where individuals could fast track their basic skills in soap making.  Then the Covid 19 era arrived and all live workshops were put on hold. 

This site was designed with the idea of giving options to the soap maker at any level and the soap aficionado who loves hand craft soaps.  This site is a work in progress.  Changes occur often without notice.  There is always more to come at SoapBarHero.com.

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