Pine Needle Soap Recipe

You will love this Pine Needle Soap Recipe!  

Gather 3 cups of pine needles to scent the water. Cut them up into smaller pieces. Bring one cup of water to a boil then add the pine needles.

Boil for 5 – 7 minutes.  Then, let the needles soak in the water for 15 – 20 minutes. Strain out all the needles and you will have a nicely scented pine water.

Pine Needle Soap Recipe:

To make this soap we will use a combination of 3 oils & fats for their beneficial soap properties. Here’s the list of oils including the percentage amount used and their weight in ounces.

1. OILS:

a. Lard- - - - - - -70%………...14.0 oz.

b. Coconut Oil - 20%…..……...4.0 oz.

c. Olive Oil - - - 10%……....….2.0 oz.

Total: 3 Oils  = 100%      =      20.0 oz.

2. LYE AMOUNT = 2.79 oz. (5% Super fat)

3. H20 AMOUNT = 5.0 oz (mixed with lye) + 2.0 oz (add at trace) = Total 7.0 oz. of pine needle scented water.


a. Pine Needle Scented Water (10% of total oil amount).  Amount added at trace = 2.0 oz.

Pine Needle Soap Recipe by the numbers.

This Pine Needle Soap Recipe uses 3 oils/fats. They are Lard, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. From this combination of oils & fats we can calculate our soap attribute numbers from the Soap-Calc.

1. Hardness of ( 47 ).

2. Cleansing Capabilities at ( 14 ).

3. Conditioning Qualities are at ( 47 ).

4. Bubbly number is ( 14 ).

5. Creamy number is ( 33 ).

6. Iodine is at ( 50 ).

7. The INS number is at ( 159 ).

So what do all these numbers mean?  Well, with these numbers we can compare our soap recipe numbers with the optimal range numbers from the Soap-Calc.

Compare your soap recipe numbers to the range numbers.

So here’s how our soap recipe fits into each of the ranges.

1 Hardness. Best range is between (29 – 54). The higher the number the harder the soap bar will be. Our hardness number was ( 47 ) which is high but within range.  This will yield a hard soap bar.

2. Cleansing. Best range is between (12 – 22). The lower the number the more mild the soap. Our number for cleansing is ( 14 ) which will produce a mild soap bar.

3. Conditioning. Best range is between (44 – 69). The higher the conditioning number, the more soothing and softening this soap will be. Our number is ( 47 ) which is within range. This bar of soap will have the normal amount of soothing and softening capabilities.

4. Bubbly. Best range is between (14 – 46). Higher numbers in this category equate to more bubbly lather. Our Bubbly number is ( 14 ). This is within the range but low.  This soap will have less bubbly lather.

5. Creamy. The best range is between (16 – 48). The higher the number the more lather you will have. Our Creamy number is ( 33 ) which means this soap will have a decent amount of creamy lather.

6. Iodine. The range here is between ( 41 – 70 ). If your number is below “70” the soap will not go rancid. Our number is ( 50 ) which means this soap will not go rancid.

7. INS. The best range here is between (136 – 165). The lower the number the more moisturizing the soap will be to your skin. We have the number ( 159 ). This is within range closer to the high numbers. This soap will be less moisturizing to the skin.