New to Soapmaking?  Look no further.  You've come to the right place.  Learn the basics of the most versatile method of soapmaking.  Click here to learn more.

Adults (16 years old or older) with creative minds have an incredible opportunity to learn and master the art of Soapmaking.

Fast track your ability to make soaps with our step by step procedures starting from concept to completion.

You will learn exclusively what it takes to make your first batch of soap. Are you excited? You will be learning special skills that you will keep for a lifetime. Are you ready?

With this revealing Soapmaking 101 E-Workshop, the process is allocated into 12 workable steps. From sight, smell and touch we start your initial soapmaking journey with the basics.  Once you know the basics then you can take your soapmaking to the next level, where do you want to take it? The sky's the limit!

You will know what tools to use for the best results. What to avoid in the beginning. You will learn Safety Procedures, you’ll master the Simple Math including formulas, weighing, measuring and conversions.

You will get the feel for soapmaking by creating several soap batches at first.  Then, as you read further and further into the website along with the e-workshop you will begin to improve the qualities and attributes of your soaps in ways that would never have occured to you otherwise.   

You will learn what Saponification means.

You will learn what SAP Number are and their significance.

You will learn what Superfatting and/or Lye Discounting is and what it is used for.

You will learn which step has the creative window where all the magic will occur that will customize your soaps.

You will learn what metal tools should be avoided and why.

You will learn what "Trace" is and the significance of it.

You will learn to calculate recipes by longhand and with a calculator.

You'll learn to line a soap box with freezer paper.

You will learn what safety precautions to take when handling caustic materials.

You will learn the proper ways to mix materials for the best results.

You will learn how long it takes to cure your soaps before usage.

You'll learn what to look for when testing your soaps.

You will learn how to improve your soaps through some trial and error

If you are persistent you will perfect a bar of soap that you will love to use.

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