What makes a soap have true grit? It's in the additives.

Here is a pumice soap. Notice the swirls? That is the fine volcanic pumice dispersion.

There is a soap additive that will clean the dirtiest of hands and some of the greasiest hands you've ever seen before! This key additive works hard to get your hands clean.  Do you know what the material is? Well, it's finely ground volcanic pumice.

This volcanic material makes any soap an abrasive cleaning machine. The "grit" works to loosen and remove dirt and grease much faster than a regular bar of soap can clean. 

Add a small amount of pumice to one of your favorite soap recipes and it will be your "go-to" soap after that shop project or that task in the garage. 

A quantity of 3% or less is sufficient for the soap batch. Grind up the volcanic pumice to a fine gritty powder. Add the pumice to the soap batch at the proper time which is called "trace".

Stir vigorously for consistent dispersion of the fine pumice material. When the soap batch thickens and is ready to pour, your pumice should be dispersed widely in the soap batch.