A Soap With Rich Abundant Lather.

To create a soap with a rich abundant lather you will need to include specific oils in the process. There are several oils that will achieve this goal. I will mention just two of these oils which are coconut and castor oils.

These oils can be used alone or together for increasing the lather of your soap. These oils (in general) work best as the minority ingredients of the recipe. Other oils such as olive oil (for example) work better as the majority ingredient in your soap recipes.

If using coconut oil as a majority ingredient the result will be a soap that has great lather but will dry out your skin. Use too much castor oil and you'll have a soft mushy soap bar with lather. There is a delicate balance between the amount of castor oil, coconut oil and the main oils used in the soap recipe.   

Do your research first, when you think you've come up with a viable recipe then it's time to make it. If it's not what you wanted, rework the recipe and try again.