Using oats to make a mild exfoliating soap.

In soap-making there are numerous additives which can be exfoliating agents.  From the mild to the medium to the rough.  Today we will talk about one additive that exfoliates the skin in a mild way, that additive is oats.  If you want to add oats to your next soap batch then here is how to get started. 

You will want to use whole organic oats.  Find these at your smaller grocery stores in the bulk section.  It's generally cheaper to buy them in bulk.  Weigh out a portion of the oats equal to a small percentage (start with 1%) of the total oil amount of your next soap batch.  Take this portion of whole organic oats and grind them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder. 

Add the powdered oats at the first signs of "trace" in your soap-making process.  Use your stick blender and make sure the oats are totally assimilated into the soap batch.  You don't want clumps!  Keep blending until the mixture is thick enough to be poured into your prepared soap box.  Wait 4 weeks, then try out your mild exfoliating oatmeal soap.  If it's perfect then no adjustment is necessary.  Add or subtract the amount of oats for your preferred soap feel.